Do What You Can

Have you ever thought about how Jesus, the King, described Mary after she poured her perfume bottle all over him and wiped his feet with her hair?

He saw her heart—her deep desire to show him how much he meant to her. She was overwhelmed with his forgiveness, mercy, and love towards her.

“She did what she could.”

More often than not I feel like I’m not doing enough for my King, my Savior, my Love.

But, he sees my heart. He knows my desire to do his will with an obedient, loving heart.

I fail too often. But, he says…

“You have done what you could.”

And one day he will say…

“Well done, my good and faithful servant. Enter into your rest.”

And then I WILL rest—in his palace. I can’t wait to experience what it’s like to never have an end to experiencing and discovering the beauty of my amazing God the King of ALL!

Can you? Are you seeking to do what you can?

That is enough.

We can rest even now in knowing how much he loves us and believing he has amazing things in store for our future!


Published by Tracey Ferguson

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