Thank you for your interest in my fitness class! The program I teach is based off of simple ballet movements for strength and toning, tai chi for rebalancing, and physical therapy for pain relief. 

It is a full body, age-reversing workout that lengthens and strengthens every muscle in the body and improves posture. I use engaging music to keep the class fun as we stretch. (This is not yoga or Pilates.) 

The classes are one hour in length. I recommend people bring a water bottle and a yoga mat, if you have one. (I have some extras.) We do the workout barefoot to get the feet–our foundations–aligned and stretched, too. 

Thanks again for your interest in Live Sprightly Fitness!



Tuesdays and Thursdays




The ARTINSPIRED Center, Port Warwick

3170 William Styron Square North

Newport News, VA 23606USA

Contact Tracey:


We encourage those of you in Hampton Roads to experience this amazing class to add more vigor to your life!

Each class is 60 minutes and is infused with great information on how to keep healthy, eat right, and feel better throughout the week!

Your first class is FREE! Online memberships are only $34.99 per month. That’s less than $5 a class if you come twice a week!

Drop-ins are $10. A punch card bundle is available for purchase for 4 classes for $38.

Please pay at the door. Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted.

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