God’s Masterpiece

The Bible says to draw near to God (James 4:8). My first impression of this command is “Yes! I want more of God in my life.” My next thought is, “Oh no! I don’t want God to see the sin in my life.”

I realize there are probably things I am keeping hidden from myself, why would I want God to see those? Moreover, why would God want to see them?

As Christians, we often say we want more of Jesus. We forget that Jesus’ presence can be uncomfortable and unpleasant. Thankfully, when he speaks to us his words are firm but also tender because he understands our sufferings and weaknesses.

When we face up to the sins in our lives that we don’t want to admit are there, we may be tempted to be afraid of him. However, when we humble ourselves and submit to God’s testing, we learn that his goal is to always do something beautiful and glorious in our lives. He loves us unconditionally and wants us to look more like his Son.

Christian, God considers you his masterpiece. Trust the divine Artist to do his breath-taking work in your life. One day soon you’ll stand back to gaze at his amazing abilities!

❤ Tracey

Published by Tracey Ferguson

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