You Can’t Beat This!

The image above depicts the women’s rights movements in Sweden in the 1930s. These strong and ambitious young ladies were able to “be the change” and join whichever kind of extracurricular activity they fancied—including kickboxing. Now that’s true girl power.

Have you noticed yet how all of them have on really cute clothes?! I doubt you’ll see fashionable outfits like these in kickboxing classes today. Needless to say, you may not see anyone being jabbed in the face either. Ouch!

One of my favorite things about doing Essentrics® fitness is that I can wear outfits that serve as workout wear while simultaneously looking somewhat stylish. I can wear them to run errands, meet friends for coffee, have business meetings, etc. I just apply another application of deodorant/body spray (with fingers crossed) & facial toner, apply a little make-up, perhaps touch up my hair (thankfully messy hair is in), add accessories, and voilà!

Here’s a selection of my secondhand clothing style:

You don’t have to be dripping with sweat and worn out after a workout to know you’ve had a really good one. All 650 muscles are completely stretched, strengthened, and toned during an Essentrics® workout. As an added bonus, fascia (connective tissue) is smoothed out and all the joints are eccentrically pulled apart to relieve pain. The whole body is rebalanced in the process!

Essentrics® is an aerobic workout because the heart is pumping more quickly and the body takes in more oxygen, but is low impact for injury prevention.

I recently had a new client tell me that she found the Essentrics® workout more challenging than doing the elliptical at the gym. It is! But, it’s also not too difficult for anyone to do because you simply adjust it to meet your own body type or condition. You won’t risk injuring yourself with this weight and equipment free workout!

As a certified Essentrics® instructor, I know how to make modifications for everyone– from helping those in chronic pain to encouraging those who may want more of a fitness challenge. Personal body awareness is necessary, which means an hour workout at least two (three is best) times a week will help you reap the most benefits from the techniques. I teach you how to make the workout work for you!

Have you tried Essentrics®? Let me know what you think when you do. I bet you’ll feel like you’ve gotten stronger & taller, can move more easily, and have more energy! How’s that for a positive workout experience? I guarantee you won’t be able to beat the results with any other aerobic workout.

Below is a short video tutorial to get you started. There’s plenty more free short ones on YouTube. There are also more options at

If you’re local to the Virginia Peninsula, check out my website to see if a live class fits into your schedule. I’d love to see you at the ARTINSPIRED studio for an Essentrics® workout. Everyone is welcome to try their first class for FREE!

Here’s to being functionally fit and living Sprightly!


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