Cultivate Faith


Heavenly Father, my faith is often weak. I look deep inside of myself when I know it’s faltering but I just can’t muster it up. Please open my eyes to see you in faith. 


When a Christian’s faith is lost, she’s doesn’t need to spend valuable time looking for it. She simply needs to look for Jesus. Of course Jesus is always there, but she must turn her eyes towards him. Like a summertime garden, this singleness of vision has to be cultivated. 


My eyes are often blind to what you have done and what you are doing, God. 



I have faith because I am looking at you, Jesus. Your Spirit opens my eyes to cleanse my heart by faith. I see that you are working in my life for my own growth. 



By looking to Jesus in all circumstances, I will see you, God. Thank you for giving me purity of heart. 


Published by Tracey Ferguson

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