Hunger for Perfection

I have a confession. I’m a recovering perfectionist.

That doesn’t mean I’ve quit striving for perfection.

Perfectionists often want to do everything well to please those around them so they look good and appear to have it all together. Or, they are unsatisfied with what they are trying to do because they want it to live up to the standards they have set in their own mind. (This made me unhappy and anxious because I couldn’t do it ALL!)

When I’m striving for perfection, as mentioned in the Scriptures, I’m only thinking about pleasing God.


Jesus wants me to be perfect. 
He knows I can’t be perfect without his righteousness covering me. (I CANNOT do it ALL and he still loves me -which makes me happy and relaxed!)


He knows I won’t be perfect in this life.
However, he wants me to aim for it, not to please others, but to please himself by putting off sin.

Dear God,

Please give me an appetite for you. I want what Jesus is offering: HIS perfection.

Sprightly yours,

Tracey [but, you may enter your own name here. ;-)]


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