From Fatigued to Fantastic!

My great love affair with Essentrics® began with a program called Classical Stretch® on PBS in South Carolina about 12 years ago. I was desperate to exercise, but, unfortunately Chronic Fatigue Syndrome held me back. One morning I was up early with my toddlers and turned on PBS (probably for my kids). Low and behold this lovely woman, Miranda Esmonde-White, was swaying her arms gently through the air and moving her legs side to side. I thought, “I can do this!” And I did! And I felt better for it, too.

Fast forward many Classical Stretch® PBS programs and Essentrics® DVDs into the future…I became a certified Essentrics®/Classical Stretch® Instructor in 2014. I have been teaching throughout Newport News, VA for the past 5 years and am absolutely loving it! My chronic fatigue is a nightmarish thing of the past and feeling fantastic in my forties is my joyful present that will (God-willing) lead me into a promising future of health and wellness into a ripe old age.

It has truly been a delight to hear the numerous success stories of happy folks who have benefited from this dynamic, full-body stretching workout. Many are gaining energy, experiencing pain relief, muscle strengthening, toning, & flexibility and much more, including overall well-being! Even ballerinas, runners, Cross-Fitters, & golfers are doing Essentrics® with me to improve their athleticism and for injury prevention.

Will you to join me on this amazing health journey with Essentrics®? I believe an exciting adventure awaits for you, too! Leave me a comment below or contact me via email to know more about my upcoming classes at The ARTINSPIRED Center. Check out my calendar here for a list of days and times of upcoming classes.

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