Entertainment Flair with Vintage Faire

Live Sprightly Co. experienced a new adventure with vintage faire—a sponsorship with a noble cause. As a former school teacher, I have a heart to see all children be given the opportunity for the best education possible. Many countries in Africa are considered “third world” and do not provide adequate public education for their children.

After discovering the outreach group Operation International Gift of Knowledge (OIGOK) is providing funding for tuition, school uniforms, school supplies, nutritional meals, and monthly medical exams for impoverished children in countries like Uganda, I jumped at the chance to provide refreshments at one of their events designed to recruit individual sponsors for the children.

I whole-heartedly agree with this agency’s following mission: “Every child deserves to discover their God-given talents to enhance their quality of life and strengthen their community.”

Now that I’m a certified Essentrics Fitness Instructor and Keto Coach, it makes perfect sense that I’d want to provide the guests with a nutritious meal that is also scrumptious. Every item is grain-free, gluten-free, sugar-free—healthy, but also flavorful.

I’m a huge fan of anything vintage. (My family ancestry even dates back to the settlers of Jamestown, Virginia!) My love for American history runs deep. I’ve inherited and collected a variety of vintage serving pieces that provide a special flair to my entertainment faire. Being a pastor’s wife, I’ve had many opportunities to be hospitable and entertain guests with a desire to make each person feel welcome and at home. My southern upbringing (I was raised in South Carolina) influences all my creative endeavors—both inside and outside of my home.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to sponsor the refreshments for this OIGOK event at the lovely ArtInspired Center in Port Warwick on May 4th, 2019. I hope you enjoy seeing some of the yummies I provided!

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